Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DJ Pack?

DJ Pack is the first digital asset major labels will create prior to marketing new records that contain the different versions of the single all prepared for the DJ programs.  They would then use this asset to distribute through music professionals such as Program Directors, DJs and Tastemakers

What comes in a DJ Pack?

A complete DJ Pack would contain the clean, dirty, acappellas, instrumental and mixshow versions.  All of these files should be embedded with ID3 tags, cue points, artwork and other meta data and processed through the DJ software.

What file types are DJ Packs made of?

MP3s & WAVs.  DJs generally prefer high quality MP3’s and radio stations prefer uncompressed audio files like WAV’s for their digital media library. 

What are the next steps?

Submit your single for our team to review. There are several variables that we will be looking for in your record prior to moving forward with the creation process. If your record is approved you will receive final cost of production and available methods of payment. Once the payment processes we will begin the campaign that will entail the necessary files needed to complete your DJ Pack.